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If you or your child are new to synchronised swimming and would like to get involved or find our more, please come along to one of our introductory sessions in Stechford Cascades at 3.15pm on Sundays or ask for more information using our enquiry form. We currently also offer introductory sessions on Monday evenings at Tiverton Road Baths 6:00-7:00pm. You can either come along just to watch and ask a few questions or better still to have a go. If you'd like to have a go on your first visit, aim to arrive a few minutes early and bring a swimming costume, goggles and a towel.

We offer two free taster sessions in order to establish whether a youngster will enjoy synchro so there's no charge or obligation. If you don't already possess a nose clip these are available for £1.50 and, while not essential, they help keep swimmers comfortable when under water.

If you enjoy synchro and wish to join, you will be given the various forms you need to complete and details of the appropriate subscription and fees.

If you or your child are already experienced in synchro, please come along to the Sunday training session at Stechford Cascades at 3:15pm or to Tiverton Road Baths on Mondays at 6:00pm to find out more about us and to discuss with one of our coaches the appropriate training sessions to attend.

Having joined the club, you will, if you wish, be able to purchase various items of club kit. There is no obligation to do so as normal swimming costumes can be used. However, using club kit helps youngsters feel part of the club and the kit available is of a high quality and is good value for money. A full list of the kit that is available is provided on our club kit page.


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